All Because You Went Away


The stars still shine in the sky
The earth still moves on its way
I see people laugh and play
As I sit alone and crave
Your loving touch
and warm embrace.

I walk on down memory lane
As tears fall from the pain
Deep within I hold you close
As my spirit cries out your name
Wishing time can be…erased

A mother’s love and tender touch
A gentle smile upon your face
Warmed my heart
And made me safe.

Now I’m alone and afraid
And there’s still
An ache within my heart
All because you went away
I Love you Mom

By Lora Farve

Caressed By Your Love


You’re Name
Whispered in the darkness of my soul
Etched in the depths of my spirit
Tattooed into the fibers of who I am
When all else fails or fades
Your name will shine in the darkness
Lighting the path to your arms.
Where I will always be safe
Caressed by your love.

By Lora Farve



Tonight the darkness holds the land
And living things hide safe within –
I stand out in the wind and rain
While storm tossed clouds seethe overhead
And lightning burns across the sky
Thunder crashing like ocean waves
Breaking hard on an unseen shore
The Lord of Storms rides out tonight
His horse running on the wild wind
Cloak tearing at the rain soaked air
His eye flashing bright as lightning
I stand and watch him rushing by
Wind and rain whipping through my soul
Then I’m left alone in the dark
As the echoing hoofbeats fade
Waiting for one more flash of light
Waiting for the returning storm

Key to My Heart

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I had closed the door upon my heart.

and wouldn’t let anyone in

I had trusted and loved only to be hurt

But that would never happen again

I locked the door and

tossed the key as

hard and as far as I could

My heart was closed for good.

Then you came into my life and

made me change my mind

just when I thought that

tiny key was impossible to find

that is when you held out your hand

and proved me wrong

inside your palm was the

Key to My Heart

You had it all along.

By Amanda Maria

A Writer’s Fear


I have no story left to tell,
No poem within me now to write,
Feel so empty, just a shell,
I fear I’ve lost my skaldic might.

I write a verse upon the page,
But the lyrics makes no sense to me;
I sit in silence with my rage,
And long for words to set me free.

Goddess … a magical sky


With Me In Every Thought


I awake in the morning to Dellingr’s glow
Enjoy breakfast with his bright son Dag
Finish my coffee admiring the face of Sunna
By noon been amazed a hundred times by Mother Jord.

To every destination I walk side by side with Thor
My every thought mingled with Odin’s wisdom
I smile knowing Freyja is in my heart
My concious wiped clean by Balder’s goodness.

In every child’s eyes I see Mother Frigga.
The laughter of lovers a reminder of Freyr and Gerd
In tears of pain I see Nanna’s anguish
In the devoted I have visions of faithful Sigyn.

Nott takes my hand as darkness falls
But Mani’s glow guides my way home
I sleep in comfort watched over by Heimdall
And dream of the golden halls of Gimle.

By:  Glenn Bergen

Strong Women, and The importance of Shield Maidens.


I’m Still in Love with Him

Black-Magic-Removal-in-IndiaIt has been 14 years and
I still get butterflies when he touches me
I still become weak from his smile
I am still in love with him

 And I would still battle anyone
Who thinks he is theirs for the taking

Decorate my spirit

How I feel tonight…My Love


Decorate my spirit with your words
Dress me in your mind and set me free
Lay me down and explore your deepest desires
Caress me with your tongue on my tender lips
Drench me with the warmth of your milk
Embrace me as I slumber within ecstasy 


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